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       Hello there everyone!! Here is the biography of Mariah Shirley that was featured on the Official Sinbad Site. Below is the character description of Bryn, also featured on the Official Site. And even further below that are Mariah's answers to some of my questions that she was kind enough to answer. She's the best!!!!! Read on and enjoy!!!!

Every actor has an idea of the perfect role. For Mariah Shirley, she found her’s one Saturday afternoon while watching "The Adventures of Sinbad" for the first time. "I thought to myself, if ever there was a show I was perfect for, this is it," says the athletic and attractive native Californian. Unbeknownst to her, at that same time executive producer David Gerber was conducting a worldwide search to find a new crew member for Sinbad and his band of wayward travelers. After seeing hundreds of women for the part, casting directors came across her photo. Two days after seeing "Sinbad" for the first time, her manager called to inform her she had an audition. A firm believer in fate, Shirley knew that "when I got the call, I was going to get the part." After numerous readings and callbacks, she was cast as Bryn, the saucy new character in the number one rated new action adventure series in syndication.

A black belt in Tae Kwon Do, Mariah more than fits the description of "able bodied." Remarkably, she has only been studying the martial art for 4 1/2 years, but having her boyfriend as her trainer and instructor has accelerated the learning process. For her, the sport is an excellent way to keep both mentally and physically fit. She incorporates much of the philosophical teachings into her acting and daily routine. She has always been taught to take care of herself from her security guard-mom. "I asked my mom to study Tae Kwon Do with me, but she said, ‘why bother, I carry a gun!’"

Her biggest influence in the world of acting is her acting teacher and friend, Marilyn Fox, who recognized her talents early on. While too shy to admit to anyone her secret desire to act, Mariah also credits Marilyn for encouraging her to perform. "I was painfully self conscious and it was her constant support and inspiration that gave me the courage to stand up on stage. I probably would never have done it otherwise." It wasn’t until she graduated high school and was living on her own that she ventured into the world of theatre. After landing a part in a production of "Creatures," she quickly got over her fears and began building credits at a rapid rate. Doing everything from Karaoke videos to "Shakespeare in the Park" (West Coast Shakespeare Festival), Mariah’s first break came as a series regular on the syndicated television series V.R. Trooper. This lead to a role on the syndicated television series Acapulco H*E*A*T and other theatre projects.

About her character, Mariah is relieved to be playing a "good guy" for a change. "This is the first time I haven’t played a villain. I like Bryn a lot, she is someone that I can relate to on many different levels. We are both very spiritual, believe in the power of the mind, and love animals." Mariah maintains her own menagerie at home including some dogs, a cat and a horse. "I keep asking the producers to get me a cheetah. I know Bryn would love a big cat. Well, at least I would, anyway." First on her list of "things to do" in South Africa, where the series is now being shot, is to visit the multiple game parks and reserves in Africa.

Mariah makes her home in Los Angeles, California.


The newest member of Sinbad’s crew is Bryn, a nimble woman with magical abilities drawn from the four elements; earth, wind, fire and water. The catch is, she’s just learning to master these abilities which causes some unpredictable and sometimes disastrous results. When she is in harmony with nature, her powers flow freely; but when she becomes frustrated, there’s no telling what might happen. Sinbad and his crew are at first wary of Bryn, but soon begin to trust her as she uses her power to save the crew from life-or-death situations. Except for occasional flashbacks of memory, Bryn cannot remember anything about her past. Yet, somehow she and Sinbad are mysteriously connected -- they both wear the rainbow bracelets. When she faces Sinbad’s evil nemesis, Rumina, it becomes clear that there is also a connection between Bryn and Rumina. Rumina is determined to destroy Bryn before anyone finds out who Bryn really is and what she is really capable of doing.

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Mariah's Answers:

1.) Where were you born and where do you live now?  I was born in Palmdale, Ca.          about 50-60 minutes out of LA and now live in Sun Valley, Ca. with my boyfriend.

2.) When is your birthday? July 5th

3.) What is your favorite food? What is your favorite dessert? Anything without meat--pasta, tacos (primavera for pastas-replace meat in tacos with beans and rice) Love eggplant/mushrooms--like junkfood too!!

4.) Do you have any brothers or sisters? If so what are their names? 2 sisters and 1 brother. Rhea, Malina, and Billy.

5.) Do you have any pets? horse, Belle~dog, Mowgli~cat, and I share 3 dogs with my boyfriend and a cat.

6.) How did you like playing Bryn? I loved it, just wish we had the chance to develop her more.

7.) How did you like working with Zen Gesner? Is he really as nice as he seems? Simple to work with and yes, he's very nice and down to earth.

8.) Did you have any family staying with you in South Africa? I wish I would have brought all my family out there, but my boyfriend met me the last 2 months.

9.) I heard somewhere that you liked animals. What is your favorite one? As far as domesticated would behorses (and my cat and dog) and others: snow leopard, gorillas, and definetely rhinos.

10.) Do you have any hobbies? What do you like to do in your free time? I horseback ride. I love watching the ocean, I like to waterski (but not in the ocean) and ice skate.

11.) Do you ever watch yourself on TV? Yes, I like to find what I like, what I hate, and what I could've changed.

12.) And finally, what do you think of your new-found fame? Its difficult to consider it fame. I'm in the melting pot of "actors" here in LA. Its difficult to get recognized on this city. You just keep pushing away and pray ya get a break and just keep hoping to work as an actor whether it be on TV (movie would be nice) or the theatre it all boils down to getting work and loving what you do.

Thanks sooo much Ms Shirley. You're fabulous!!!!!!